• Aujourd'hui


    Je crois que je suis triste....non, "triste" c'est peut-être trop... just a bit "down";
    nothing in particular, just a feeling of something going wrong. I wish the "changement" will soon happen.
    I'm waiting for "the thing" to happen. I can't wait; I'd like to close this chapter and to start another life.
    I know, so many times I wanted to shut the door, and never succeeded. Then something has always happened to change plans, to upset life.
    So many times I said "it's ok. I'm strong now, I can cope with it" and couldn't.
    What would make the difference today? Am I stronger than then? No, and probably not even more motivated. But I think that "I got the point". The point where you start realizing that what you lived was fake, that you spoiled the best of your life, or probably that was just the path that had to lead you where you are now, where I am now.

    Do you believe in fate? I have never. But now, I'd rather do. Where will I be in 5 years? What will I do? Who with? And most of all, what will I be?

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