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    Question is: who's the right one?

    The answer: I just want keep eating my french soup, just want keep believing it's worth it, just want keeping things this way, no-change is a good way of living afterall, what will come next? Don't care, just don't want thinking too hard...

    I think that...

    What? She thinks?? Hey, baby, you're just a pretty girl, thinking is not up to you, stay your place. Please. Should I remember you that you don't come across anything with it? Yes, baby, yes, you're definetely right, ok, but shut your damn mouth up, let BIG people talking.

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    Mercredi 24 Janvier 2007 à 14:21
    you 're right dear
    you should keep talking and thinking. Don't listen them... ;-)
    Mercredi 24 Janvier 2007 à 14:25
    thank you!
    I will! ;-)
    Mercredi 24 Janvier 2007 à 14:28
    Oh oh !
    We're so proud of our little soup. Change ? Why bother ! Ouch ! It's boiling hot, it hurts ;-D
    Mercredi 24 Janvier 2007 à 14:32
    lol frenchie!
    mind your tongue :-p
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