• No ties


    Nothing has ever changed and everything has changed.
    They have never cared and they will never.
    They were glad with their sad and empty lives getting the more and more shallow and selfish and self-conceited.
    But things are not the same anymore.
    Now they would love that you care, but you are so far away, and you sincerely don't give a damn....
    The fil rouge is definetely broken, and it feels so good....

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    Mercredi 27 Décembre 2006 à 12:47
    Ciao , Barbara !
    What is this tie recently broken ? Are they old friend or... ? Bacioni :-)
    Mercredi 27 Décembre 2006 à 13:42
    just an old
    story of family, I mean bros and so on...
    Jeudi 28 Décembre 2006 à 09:19
    roma .....
    bonjour barbara, the one who is "rich" can share happiness and can forget. the one who can forget can forgive. what is it what you can not forgive? show them that you are "rich" and you forgive and forget!!
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