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    motivation! Feel like nothing can stop me! 

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    Vendredi 29 Décembre 2006 à 12:39
    va commencer sur les chapeaux de roue ! ciao Barbara !
    Vendredi 29 Décembre 2006 à 13:17
    ciao lulu!
    Vendredi 29 Décembre 2006 à 13:20
    Ciao !
    Waw ! Even an earthquake magnitude 7 ? Or even a parisian bug ? ;-D Bacioni !
    Vendredi 29 Décembre 2006 à 13:49
    can stop us... except us. Bon, c'est parfois plus facile à dire qu'à faire mais... Bonne journée à toi !
    Samedi 30 Décembre 2006 à 01:19
    emotion - understanding - motivation
    hi barbara, i come back briefly to "no ties"; now i believe i can understand better, with their behavior they smashed your emotions so that you become indifferent. in the meantime you developped the love for yourself (which most people need to be happy!)did that made you more harmless ? is the love for yourself the happiness that you had to find? the greater happiness in yourself that you feel so strong....and therefore highly motivated...i think now you are on top of things ...and you can even share that with others ....and find new ties (perhaps)! bonne chance !!
    Samedi 30 Décembre 2006 à 11:46
    hi eric!
    truth to be told, I've always had what you call "love for myself"; for what is my "motivation", that's not related to the previous post. Thanks for dropping a line! :-)
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